SUPERAID7 - Software

Below you find references to software tools from SUPERAID7 partners which are part of the SUPERAID7 software framework.

Lithography Simulator Dr.LiTHO

Dr.LiTHO is a comprehensive simulation environment for photolithography, developed at the Fraunhofer IISB. Its main focus is on development and research applications.

Etching Simulator ANETCH

The tool ANETCH devloped at Fraunofer IISB allows 3D simulation of various dry-etching processes as well as performing schematic structure generation and modification.

Deposition Simulator DEP3D

The deposition simulator DEP3D devloped at Fraunofer IISB allows 3D simulation of various deposition processes as well as reactor-scale simulation of uniformity for physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Topography Simulator ViennaTS

The simulator ViennaTS is a level set based software developed at the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien and allows the simulation of sequential etching and processing techniques.

ViennaWD Package

The ViennaWD package provides a selection of simulation tools supporting classical and quantum approaches for semiconductor device simulation.

Software Modules from Gold Standard Simulations (GSS), now part of Synopsys

Enigma is the GSS workflow, automation and productivity framework, which is designed to deliver a powerful and flexible environment for rapid design- technology co-optimisation (DTCO). It provides its users with the capability to quickly evaluate technology changes and their impact on device and circuit performance and yield, and to automatically generate PDK-quality statistical compact models based on predictive TCAD simulations.

Garand is an advanced 3D TCAD simulation tool suite specifically designed for the efficient modelling of statistical variability and reliability in contemporary and future CMOS transistors. It contains both Drift Diffusion and Monte-Carlo simulation modules and provides density gradient quantum corrections for both electrons and holes.

Mystic is a-state-of-the-art Compact Model extraction tool which has been designed for the extraction of advanced statistical compact models capable of capturing the impact of statistical and process variability on device performance.

RandomSpice is an advanced statistical circuit simulation engine which uses GSS Compact Model libraries to allow designers to accurately model the impact of statistical device variability at the circuit and system level.