SUPERAID7 - Public Deliverables

Variability Simulation within SUPERAID7, Impact of Process Variations to Advanced More Moore Devices and Circuits
(Deliverable D1.11, January 2019)   Download

Publishable Version of the Technology Implementation Plan
(Deliverable D1.10, January 2019)   Download

Guide to Research Data Disseminated from SUPERAID7
(Deliverable D6.5, January 2019)   Download

Final Version of SUPERAID7 WWW including Restricted Section and including Material from the SUPERAID7 Workshop
(Deliverable D6.4, January 2019)   Download

Summary of Results of SUPERAID7 Dissemination Actions (Events, Papers)
(Deliverable D6.3, January 2019)   Download

Demonstration of Correlation-aware Simulation of Impacts of Statistical and Systematic Variability
(Deliverable D5.5, December 2018)   Download

Public Workshop on Variability
(Deliverable D1.8, September 2018)   Download

Project Flyer and Presentation Slides
(Deliverable D6.2, May 2018)   Download

Project Presentation
(Deliverable D1.1, March 2016)   Download

Set-up of SUPERAID7 WWW Including Preliminary Version of Restricted Section
(Deliverable D6.1, March 2016)   Download